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They Are Billions

Edit date: 6-01-2023, 00:34
Reason: Updated to version 1.1.4 (02.12.2020)

They Are Billions
  • 80
  • Release date:
    18 June 2019
  • Game Genre:
    Strategy, steampunk, RTS, zombie, survival, indie games
  • Developer:
  • Release:
  • Platform:
  • Languages:
    English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese-Brazil, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
  • Dubbing/Audio:
  • Crack:
    not necessary
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Surprisingly, new research proclaims that playing computer-based video games have a wonderful effect on the brain with enhanced cognitive abilities like perception, attention, and reaction time. PC games or personal computer game is referred to video games played precisely on your PC. They are Billions is one of the popular PC Games.

An adventure-packed game of strategies

It is a game of strategy with the backdrop of a distant future, involving managing and building human colonies of the survivors of a devastating zombie apocalypse. They are Billions of zombies or the infected that are swarming the world. And, those remaining thousand humans must survive the attacks. It is up to the gamer to protect the human colonies from zombies. 

As gamers, you will be leading the protection campaign following the commands of Quintus Crane who rules the New Empire of the live humans. It further becomes challenging while you reconquer the billions of zombies infested lands. 

Protect the survivors

They are Billions PC Game has a gameplay of over 60 hours with more than 48 missions for the gamers. Right from protecting the survivors by building fortified colonies in the zombie-infested territories to destroying the infected hoards with the help of Quintus Crane’s Imperial Army, the free They Are Billions only gets better. 

The easy to download They Are Billions PC Game gets exciting along the way while you get to explore with the game’s hero Quintus Crane. Visiting some of the ancient human fortresses and along the way unveil the secrets related to the apocalypse. Discover how it all started in the spine-chilling adventure game.

Discover the spine-chilling secrets

As a progressing gamer, you will be unlocking the keys and levels to evolve your colonies by making use of the 90 different kinds of technologies available in the game. So, how did it all happen? Discover the suspenseful secret of how the pandemic started and spread. 

This nail-biting real-time game of strategy will have you at the edge of your seats engrossed in thinking and winning against the infected. However, you have the convenience of pausing the game mid-action to take your best tactical and strategical decisions. While in this Pause Mode, you can get on with the game giving orders to the Imperial Army under your command.

Make use of the Pause Mode

The Pause Mode also allows you get on with placing structure required to build the colonies. During this time, you could also revisit the game’s information for tips to executive better real-time strategies. 

The game unlike other personal computer games is not about your performance as a player but centers on the strategy you come up with making it one of the most popular personal computer games played by millions of real-time virtual adventure seekers and gamers. 

This over the edge thrilling game is all about surviving the infected who freely roam the world. They can also listen and smell you and the colonies. When you will kill some, hundreds will come back to inspect. How will you survive and protect your colonies, think real-time and strategize to stay on top of the game?

How will you eradicate and contain the infected? For even if one gets inside your building the survivors sheltered there will get infected and head out on a rampage to infect the others. It will inspire you to think tactfully, take the Pause Mode and put on your thinking hat.

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System Requirements

They Are Billions (2019), 2.06GB
ElAmigos release, unprotected game (crack is not necessary). 

Updated to version 1.1.4 (02.12.2020).

Included bonus content: Soundtrack (mp3), Artbook.

1. Extract files.
2. Burn or mount the image.
3. Install the game.
4. ElAmigos release, game is already cracked after installation.
5. Play the game. If you like this game, BUY IT!

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Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz
Graphics: 1 GB GeForce GTX 460
Memory: 3 GB RAM
Disk space: 4 GB HDD
Operating system: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Intel Core i5 3.0 GHz
Graphics: 4 GB GeForce GTX 670 / Radeon HD 7950
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Disk space: 4 GB HDD
Operating system: Windows 7/8/10

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#3 Update your graphics drivers.

#4 Adjust Virtual Memory - VIDEO

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  1. Pharell
    23 March 2022 05:48

    How to AVOID from Tech Research Lost in the campaign of pirated game They are Billions:

    1. - ALWAYS research your tech JUST BEFORE start a game. You must research at least one tech, for EVERY mission you JUST want to play though it's required or not. But this will NOT take effect when you just take a research then you saved it without play it, because this will ONLY take effect when you play the game IMMEDIATELY after you take a research.
    2. - DON'T use ALL research points you have. Continuing from a point above, indeed it's recommended to do a research, but don’t forget that NOT all mission will provide you with research points in future, for example on the Infected Swarm Missions in the middle of path. As you have no any research point to be used, you will lost all of your tech after a mission. So for best result I recommended you to only research at max 2 techs and set aside 1 or more points for future use.
    3. - DON'T lose or playback the missions. Don't do this before your campaigns are entirely completed. And to avoid from being lose, especially if you are a beginner, it's recommended to play it at lowest difficulty (easy) for first time.
    4. - ALWAYS save backup. Ok maybe ‘don’t lose’ warning sounds a bit hardcore especially for people who’s just introduced with the genre of this game, Survival RTS. So to avoid this you’d better to have a backup EVERYTIME before play a mission so you can go back to replay your mission at the time before you lost all of your Tech Research.

    This points all are based on my research on this ‘pirated’ game along 3 weeks. Any feedbacks and suggestions are welcome.

  2. phellipekaique
    20 April 2021 07:48
    I am playing and everything is working, the problem is that this version of the game has protection against piracy that resets your upgrade points in campaign mode, so it is impossible to play campaign mode!
    I downloaded the old version 1.0.14 and it doesn't have this protection, I recommend putting it here.  wink

  3. Zero-Base
    11 March 2020 14:24
    hi please re-upload new version of this game from this page
    The version you provided is outdated
    1. ElAmigos
      11 March 2020 17:57
      Ohh okay I do this today ;) edit 18:22: update added.
      Other games what you reported - reupload is finished!
      1. Zero-Base
        11 March 2020 18:32
        Thank you for all your efforts