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Vigil The Longest Night

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Vigil The Longest Night
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  • Category:
  • Release date:
    14 October 2020
  • Game Genre:
    Action, fantasy, platform, RPG elements, 2D, metroidvania, indie games, side-scroll, soulslike
  • Developer:
    Glass Heart Games, Publisher: Another Indie
  • Release:
  • Platform:
  • Languages:
    English, German, Russian, Portuguese-Brazil, Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
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The Vigil: The Longest Night is a two-dimensional platform metroidvania with a high level of difficulty, in which we take on the role of the last member of The Vigil sorority and embark on a dark journey to understand why there is an eternal night in the world. Glass Heart Games studio is responsible for the game's development, and Another Indie known for such titles as Lost Castle, Simulacra and Yuppie Psycho.

In Vigil: The Longest Night we play as Leila - the last member of The Vigil sorority, who, in order to save her family's village under attack by the forces of evil and to understand the reason why the world is at night, embarks on a journey on the borderline of reality and dream. The situation is not made any easier by the fact that she is being hunted by the forces of darkness and her own sister. What ending the adventure will find depends on us, because there are several endings in the game.

The game Vigil: The Longest Night was inspired by Castlevania and Salt and Sanctuary, which can be seen in both the style and gameplay mechanics. It is a combination of a dynamic 2D platform metroidvania (the action is observed from the side, from a side-scroll perspective) with RPG elements, characterized by a high level of difficulty.

The protagonist has to cross abandoned villages, haunted forests, shipwrecks and damp caves, and each of these locations is full of hostile monsters. These are a combination of Lovecraftian abominations and creatures familiar from the pages of Taiwanese folklore. Aside from their unsettling appearance, they are brutal on the battlefield and unleash unexpected attacks, making combat very challenging; as is standard for the genre, each type of monster has a unique set of attacks. Leila can use many types of weapons, which she finds during her travels. In her arsenal you'll find one- and two-handed swords, halberds and clubs, various types of blades and daggers, bows using different types of arrows and many others.

The heroine can also wear different parts of armor, which protects against creature attacks and affects statistics such as vitality, which determines the maximum number of life points, or resistances that reduce the amount of damage received by a given type (and there are five of them in the game - fire, ice, lightning, poison and bleeding). In addition, our heroine can learn useful skills, which she can then use during the exploration, as well as during battles with enemies or bosses. The latter usually wait for us at the end of the location and require good knowledge of their moves, as well as patience.

In Vigil: The Longest Night we can play only alone. The basis of the gameplay is the story campaign.

Vigil: The Longest Night has a unique graphic style inspired by the traditional Chinese technique of paper cutting, which in combination with the dark atmosphere and bizarre monsters gives an interesting final effect. Jouni Valjakka from the band Whispered is responsible for the music in this production.

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