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Roguebook Deluxe Edition

Edit date: 6-01-2023, 11:55
Reason: Updated to version 1.6.4 (15.09.2021)

Roguebook Deluxe Edition
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  • Release date:
    17 June 2021
  • Game Genre:
    RPG, fantasy, turn-based, roguelike, 2D, card games, crowdfunding, indie games
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  • Languages:
    English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese-Brazil, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
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Roguebook is a single-player card roguelike game in which we build a strong deck, roam procedurally generated locations and fight a lot of different creatures. The title was created by Abrakam SA studio, responsible for another strategic card game - Faeria. Roguebook has also found its way to Kickstarter platform, where it raised the desired amount of money.

Roguebook is a book, but not as ordinary as it may seem. Not only does it have a will and is driven by its own aspirations, but supposedly anyone who manages to read it fully will become omniscient and can enjoy almost the same reverence as the gods. And as you may have guessed, reading this peculiar book is not easy. Each time we undertake a task, the book generates for us a unique world: on each of its pages we will find various and dangerous tasks to overcome, whether in the form of dangerous monsters or events oscillating around the ancient (and not only) legends set in the Faery universe.

The adventure begins by choosing two heroes, who differ from each other in class, race and special skills, and require different tactics. Among the heroes available in the game we'll find Sharra, a dragon slayer who specializes in hand-to-hand combat, the universal Sorocco, Aurora, who casts buffs and influences time, and Seifer - a Blood Tyrant with devilish powers, thanks to which he can turn into a demon.

After selecting the characters we start our journey through the world generated randomly by the book, where we move around the map consisting of hexes. We decide where and in what order we'll go, but sometimes the terrain is covered by the fog of war obscuring the map, so we can't do without exploring. While wandering we meet NPCs, shopkeepers, jewelers or priests, but also come across special events. Some of them are meetings, where we have the opportunity to choose one of several options, and some of them are skirmishes. However, there is also a chain of events, so if we draw the same event a few times, the game, remembering the results of previous meetings, will prepare something unique for us.

Roguebook mainly includes skirmishes with various creatures observed from the side. A large impact on their successful completion has the positioning of our heroes (one in front, and the other behind), but also the deck of cards we built. All because the position occupied by the heroes changes dynamically and in case we play a card with an attack of a particular hero, he moves to the front (if he was standing behind) or remains in place.

As for the cards themselves, among them we can find defense and attack cards, but also buffs, debuffs and other special abilities. In addition, we have the ability to upgrade the cards we have with special gems, provided that they have a slot for them. Gems are acquired during the journey and we can find both typical and very rare ones, significantly affecting the strength of our deck.

Roguebook is a title set in the Faeria universe, characterized by a fairy-tale-like graphic design typical for fantasy, where there are humanoid creatures, legendary beasts and fanciful locations.

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System Requirements

Roguebook Deluxe Edition (2021), 1.17GB
ElAmigos release, game is already cracked after installation (crack by Codex). 

Updated to version 1.6.4 (15.09.2021).

1. Extract files.
2. Burn or mount the image.
3. Install the game.
4. ElAmigos release, game is already cracked after installation.
5. Play the game. If you like this game, BUY IT!

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DLC: Heroes Skins Pack, Apex Predator Pack, Alternate Art Pack, The Art of Roguebook, Soundtrack.

Processor: Dual Core 2.2 GHz
Graphics: 1 GB GeForce GTX 460
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Disk space: 3 GB HDD
Operating system: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
1.17 GB

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