Broken Ranks

Broken Ranks
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    January 2022
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    RPG, fantasy, turn-based, play for free, PvE, MMORPG, Isometric view, Polish, browser, indie games, MMO
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    Whitemoon Games, Publisher: Whitemoon Games
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Broken Ranks is a remake of the browser game The Pride of Taern. It is developed by Whitemoon studio from Wroclaw. The production was prepared for PC and mobile devices with iOS and Android operating systems. An important feature of the title is that it allows cross-platform gameplay. Broken Ranks was made available in the free-to-play business model, and thus - you can play it for free, and micropayments are optional.


Action of the game takes us to the war-torn land of Taern, which was conquered by the troops of the Utor Empire. We play the hero fighting for freedom of his homeland. We have to deal with dark fantasy world, inspired by Slavic mythology, history and culture. The developers put emphasis on the non-linear character of the story and a serious tone, which should satisfy veterans of the (MMO)RPG genre and slightly older audience.


The game was modeled on classics of the RPG genre, such as Fallout and Baldur's Gate, but also on the second and third installments of Heroes of Might & Magic. The inspirations are visible at first glance. The gameplay has been presented in isometric view, and tactical combat resembles a bit the one from the cult "Heroes".

Skirmishes in the game are turn-based. Players have 10 seconds to perform their actions, after this time the initiative is taken over by the opponent. The arsenal of combat skills at our disposal depends on the experience of our character, but also on his class. At the beginning of the game we can choose from 7 different professions; these are: a two-handed barbarian, a ranged archer, a druid with healing powers, a fire mage wielding offensive magic, a voodoo mage destroying enemies from the inside, a knight protecting allies and an incredibly fast and deadly effective sheed.

The world we explore is very vast. During the adventure we visit over 300 different locations inhabited by NPCs and unique monsters, whose number is even more impressive (400). We can wander Taern alone or with friends, and if we want, we have the opportunity to build (and expand) our own headquarters.

The gameplay does not deviate from the standards set by the genre. We talk to the characters, perform tasks for them, gain experience through which we develop our hero and unlock access to better equipment, making it easier to fight against increasingly difficult opponents. It is worth noting that Broken Ranks offers a large variety of equipment elements, including different types of shoes, cloaks, breastplates, helmets, belts, pants, gloves, rings and necklaces - not to mention weapons and shields.

Technical Issues

Broken Ranks was developed on a 3D engine, appropriately modified and modernized from Whitemoon's previous game. It looks similar to other isometric RPGs. Climatic music is also played during the game.

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Broken Ranks (2022)

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