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Saints Row 5

Saints Row 5
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  • Release date:
    25 February 2022
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    Action, TPP, Gangster, sandbox, humorous, TPS, co-op, shooters, Epic Store exclusive
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Saints Row is the fifth main part of the popular series of open world action games with a huge dose of absurd humor. Production was developed by Volition Inc. studio developing the series, and its release was taken care of by Deep Silver company taking care of the brand.


Saints Row is a prequel to the whole series and at the same time constitutes its "soft" reboot. Action of this production was set before events presented in first part of series. Game takes us to Santo Ileso in southwestern United States where Saints were born. During the game we play as the protagonist who climbs the rungs of criminal career trying to build his own criminal empire together with such personalities as Neenah, Kevin and Eli. The task is not easy as the protagonist and his entourage have to face numerous opponents in the form of Los Panteros, Idols and Marshalls.


In Saints Row we observe the action from the third person perspective (TPP). We start the game from creating a character, about whose gender and appearance we decide by ourselves. Then there is nothing left for us but to throw ourselves into the vortex of criminal adventures.

The game offers the largest and the most diverse open world in the history of the series, which consists of a metropolis and the surrounding areas, including the sandy desert. We travel through it on foot or behind the controls of numerous vehicles and machines such as cars, motorcycles, planes and helicopters, and even more unusual means of locomotion such as hoverboards or go-karts. The icing on the cake is the glide suit, which allows you to cover long distances in the air in an environmentally friendly (though not necessarily safe) manner.

The map is divided into five areas, and in order to gain control over each of them, we have to perform missions and fight a host of enemies. We eliminate our enemies using an extensive arsenal which includes both white and firearms, as well as more exotic tools of murder.

Game modes

In Saints Row we can play alone or in cooperative mode. Other players can join the game at any time.

Technical Issues

Saints Row features detailed graphics in a distinctive cartoonish and slightly caricatured style.

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System Requirements

Saints Row (2022)

1. Extract files.
2. Burn or mount the image.
3. Install the game.
4. ElAmigos release, game is already cracked after installation.
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Saints Row Reboot / Saints Row 5

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