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Kings Bounty II

Kings Bounty II
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  • Release date:
    24 August 2021
  • Game Genre:
    Strategy, TPP, fantasy, turn-based, RPG elements, Find Your Next Game, E3 2021
  • Developer:
  • Release:
  • Platform:
  • Languages:
    English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Czech, Japanese, Korean, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional
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King's Bounty 2 is a classic turn-based strategy with RPG elements, set in a fantasy world. The producer of the title is the Russian studio 1C Entertainment, which was also responsible for the first part of the series. It was released in 2008 on PC and took full advantage of the legendary Heroes of Might & Magic series and the original King's Bounty from 1990. It is worth mentioning that the title lived to see numerous spin-offs and stand-alone additions, which were regularly released for six years after the premiere.


King's Bounty 2 takes us to a new fantastic world called Antara. While building it, the developers were inspired by more realistic fantasy universes, borrowing motifs from the popular novel series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin.

A mysterious plague is slowly spreading on the borders of Antara, killing or disfiguring people, animals and plants. Fleeing its effects, the unfortunates are heading in their thousands to the kingdom of Nostria, which after many years of prosperity is now on the brink of civil war. During the game we play as three different characters, who through their actions will influence the shape and future of the kingdom.


The gameplay in King's Bounty 2 is divided into two segments. In the first one we travel through the three-dimensional world of the game, observing it from a third-person perspective, as in many classic RPG productions. As already mentioned, players control one of three pre-assigned characters, each with their own story and character. However, by making decisions and performing certain actions during the campaign, we influence the ideas they follow (force, art, order and anarchy). They change the way NPCs react to us and shape the world around us. The campaign places a lot of emphasis on the player's choices: some of them affect the course of the story and carry serious repercussions. During the game there is no shortage of difficult moral issues, but more mundane concerns are also important, such as building friendly relations with the inhabitants of the cities we visit.

The second segment of the game consists of turn-based combat, in which our team of warriors, consisting of many different units (humans, elves, trolls, etc.), faces dozens of different opponents. The maps, divided into hexagons, are more interesting than in the first King's Bounty, offering many previously unavailable tactical options, such as those resulting from the terrain. The combat system has been developed in a similar way: players have more types of orders and troop management options at their disposal.

Technical issues

King's Bounty 2 marks the brand's debut on consoles, so the game has been enhanced with a number of features to facilitate gameplay on those platforms - including a modified interface and controller support - which are also available on PC. The audiovisual setting has been significantly improved compared to the previous version: the three-dimensional models of characters and the environment have been made with attention to detail, and the soundtrack stands at an equally high level.

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System Requirements

King's Bounty II - Duke's Edition (2021), 19.00GB
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