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House Party

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House Party
  • 80
  • Release date:
    16 July 2022
  • Game Genre:
    Simulation, Sexual Content, Mature, Life Sim, Sandbox, LGBTQ+, Comedy, Choices Matter, Singleplayer, Adventure, Story Rich, Immersive Sim, Multiple Endings, First-Person, Funny, Drama, Puzzle, Romance, Artificial Intelligence, Cinematic
  • Developer:
    Eek! Games, LLC
  • Release:
  • Platform:
  • Languages:
    English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Czech, Russian, Turkish, Simplified Chinese
  • Dubbing/Audio:
  • Crack:
    not necessary
  • Game size:

Once called the worst game of 2017 by Rock, Paper, Shotgun, House Party has won several awards since its initial release on the adventure game scene. This sexually delightful 3D point-and-click adventure is all about player choice and partying the way you like.

One big house, hundreds of possibilities, dozens of stories.

Hot news! Your buddy Derek has invited you to a party cracker at Madison's house. Surrounded by a group of eccentric partygoers, you'll have to make it through the night - no matter how wild it gets!

Step into a sandbox adventure party game where even your simplest decisions will impact the game in grand ways.

Explore thousands of unique, branching narratives with fifteen different NPCs that react to your every comment and action, paving the way for countless hours of wild, hot and hilarious entertainment.

House Party's gameplay starts with the conversations and grows with the decisions made along the way. The night is what you make of it. It has no true ending, but dozens of stories to offer that you actively influence.

Hidden objects and wild interactions

Explore a two-story house with over fifty hidden items to discover, each object with a purpose and some that can be used in multiple ways.

Change the party's music with the MP3 player, invite a surprise guest with the laptop, get drunk by drinking as much alcohol as you can find and...well, we'll leave it to you to discover the most exciting surprises.

Show these items to an NPC and they may respond with different dialogue or relationship fluctuations. If your end goal is sex, most of these hidden objects are essential to complete an NPC's personal story and unlock their hottest scenes.

And sometimes you don't even need items to cause turmoil. House Party is a game for adults. You play a character who is fully "equipped" to cause quite a bit of chaos on his own.

NPCs (not so prude characters).

You don't have to thank us, but we invited fifteen of our craziest and funniest acquaintances!

A newly moved to town gal is ready to do wild things to belong. She meets a busty, mud-wrestling Latina, a crazy muscular hardliner who only has eyes for booze, and many more unique personalities.

Listen carefully and you'll notice how the characters talk about your actions, conversations and decisions. Throughout the night you can hear information about their backgrounds or catch them gossiping about other guests at the party.

Each NPC has favorite bands, personal beliefs, views on drugs and alcohol, friends and enemies, and party goals for the night. The partygoers feel vibrant and alive from the very first second, thanks to incredibly talented voice actors and actresses.

With fifteen of the most interesting, actionable, and hysterical NPC partygoers ever, and a rapidly growing list of partners, there's always plenty of social variety in the house. All of them have their own unique motivations and strong personal opinions. They have different preferences, make different choices, and it's amusing to watch them interact!

Make friends...or enemies

As you navigate through the party, your words and actions will determine whether an NPC is into you or seconds away from giving you an A#%§ kick.

A bad decision could result in you getting beaten to a pulp, while a good choice could result in a sexy lady dancing topless for the rest of the night.

Every response you choose when talking to an NPC changes how they feel about you. Keep an eye on your social ads and watch how your gameplay affects them. See if an NPC has a crush on you, mediocre feelings for you, sees you as a good friend, or has you on their hit list.

NPCs will react differently whether they love or hate you. This is how you unlock potential group choices and unique interactions - or keep them hidden from you. Be careful with everything you do and say at this party, because one small decision can change everything.

Interact with Celebrity Cameos

Have you ever heard of the Game Grumps? Make the right choices and you might see Dan and Arin unexpectedly pop up in the middle of the house party!

Explore their unique story, watch them hilariously navigate the festivities, and choose one of the many ways to help them get back to their show!

Looking for a sexy Spanish teacher to mix things up a bit? Your choices could lead to Lety Does Stuff knocking on your front door. Explore her hot, wild and absolutely crazy side story if you want a real taste of adventure!

As one of the few indie studios to ever incorporate real celebrities into a video game, it was a lot of fun to connect the cameos to the story and welcome Dan, Arin and Lety to the party.

Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting guest appearances on the way!


None of our developers have ever had sex, and we had to do a ton of research to find out what human sex looks like.

Completing the main romantic NPC stories in House Party is not only fun. It's also fascinating how you're sometimes rewarded with hot encounters with various party goers.

These tantalizing sexual rewards are completely repeatable and range from kisses to oral sex to various sex positions with guys, ladies and groups.

Whether you're into men or women, skinny dipping in the Jacuzzi, oral sex in the backyard, flower sex, or like to play voryeur, you'll have some great opportunities for sexy, romantic, or raunchy events at the house party!

The developer describes the content as follows:

This game contains adult themes and content that may not be suitable for all ages. These themes include nudity, strong language, alcohol and drug use, sex, and mild violence.

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    one of the game of the year!


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      dear God, no

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        dear Goddess, YES!


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        it's nice to see a hor*ny person play po*rn games for PC once in a while XD play carnal instinc and wild life you gonna like them (download them for free in goodluck!