Way of the Hunter

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Way of the Hunter
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    16 August 2022
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    Simulation, FPP, hunting, sandbox, co-op, Find Your Next Game
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    English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Czech, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Hindi, Indonesian, Slovenian
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    Codex, FLT
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Way of the Hunter is a simulation game that allows us to get a taste of the hunting profession. The title was developed by Nine Rocks Games studio, and was published by THQ Nordic.


In Way of the Hunter we play the role of a freshly minted owner of a hunting lodge. The story told in the game touches on issues such as ethical hunting, family hunting, as well as rivalries and friendships formed between hunters.


In Way of the Hunter we view the action from a first-person perspective (FPP). The production puts at our disposal two extensive maps - one located in the United States and the other in Europe - with an area of more than 140 square kilometers each. As the title and theme of the game suggest, during the gameplay we are engaged in hunting various animals. The latter have realistic models of behavior, which applies both to their reactions to our presence and their habitats.

To get our prey, we must master the art of finding animal tracks and following them, as well as analyzing bloodstains. In addition, we should often use binoculars to spot our target from a safe distance. On the other hand, once the prey is within our range, there is nothing left to do but to unlock the gun, aim and fire the shot. The title offers the possibility to inspect the shot - playing back and freely scrolling through the footage allows you to carefully analyze the flight path of the bullet. This is important because the game realistically simulates the ballistics and behavior of bullets.

The rewards for well-fired (and therefore fatal) shots are trophies, the quality of which depends, among other things, on the physical condition and age of our target.

Game modes

Way of the Hunter can be played solo or in cooperative mode over the Internet.

Technical issues

Way of the Hunter boasts high-quality graphic design. Both the dense vegetation overgrowing the locations and the richly detailed, realistically animated animals are impressive.

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System Requirements

Way of the Hunter Elite Edition (2022), 8.65GB
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Updated till 24.05.2023.

Installation time with 16 threads CPU and SSD - 2 minutes. 
Credits to Razor12911.

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3. Install the game.
4. ElAmigos release, game is already cracked after installation.
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Processor: AMD Ryzen 3 3100 / Intel Core i3-8100
Graphics: GeForce GTX 960 / Radeon R9 380
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Disk space: 15 GB available space
Operating system: 64bit OS - Windows 10
Processor: Intel i7 quad-core
Graphics: NVidia GTX 2070 Super 8GB VRAM
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Disk space: 15 GB available space
Operating system: 64bit OS - Windows 10

If you have a problem with the installation:

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