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Valheim Developers Prepare a New, Gloomy Biome: Ashlands

The volcanic land of the dead, Ashlands, is set to be the next biome in Valheim, but that's not all the developers at Iron Gate Studio have planned.

Upcoming Biome in Valheim

Following the debut of the Mistlands update and a short break, Valheim developers are already preparing another location. In a new Steam post, the Iron Gate Studios team briefly discussed the game's development plans, which include a new biome: Ashlands.

Valheim Ashlands update

Ashlands: Volcanic Land of the Dead

Mountains and swamps added in previous updates are not friendly places, but the next biome may prove to be an even greater challenge. Ashlands is intended to be a volcanic land of the dead, inhabited by truly hideous monsters.

Planned Additions Before Ashlands' Debut

Iron Gate Studio also mentioned other additions that should arrive in Valheim before the debut of the new biome. Players can expect new quests and characters (as part of Hildir's questline), an additional difficulty level, and more diverse clothing options. The developers also plan to introduce more "accessibility" options to allow a larger number of players to enjoy Valheim.

What We Know About Ashlands Update

Although there is no specific release date for the Ashlands update yet, we know that:

  1. Updated Area: Ashlands aims to expand a large portion of the terrain at the far south of the Valheim map, introducing a volcanic land of the dead.
  2. New Monsters: Two new enemies have been announced as part of the Ashlands update - The Charred and Morgen.
  3. Ashlands Fortress: A recent tweet from the official Valheim account mentioned the development of an Ashlands fortress, with three concept designs showcasing grand, dilapidated structures.
  4. New Weapons: The new biome implies the introduction of new weapon lines for players to acquire in Valheim. The official Valheim Twitter account has shared concept designs for Ashlands weapons, such as Niedhogg and Slayer swords, Berzerkr axes, and a mysterious "Eldner" weapon yet to be revealed.

Transparency in the Creative Process

Valheim developers aim to be more transparent than during the development of Mistlands. In practice, this means showcasing more production materials, such as Ashlands concept art posted on Steam.


The Ashlands update is another step in Valheim's development, aiming to introduce a new, unique biome. Although many details may change before the official debut, the game's creators are excited to share their ideas with players. With increased transparency in the creative process, fans can follow progress and stay informed about planned content and changes introduced in the Ashlands update. Iron Gate Studio also has ambitious plans for Valheim's development before the new biome's introduction, including new quests, characters, difficulty levels, diverse clothing options, and improved accessibility for players.

We look forward to more information about the Ashlands update and the developers next steps in Valheim's development. Considering the game's success and popularity, we can be certain that Iron Gate Studio will continue their efforts to enrich the world of Valheim with more fascinating elements and challenges for players. With regular updates and an engaged community, Valheim is poised to remain a fan-favorite survival game for years to come.

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