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Category: Blog | Date: 07-04-2023

Photovoltaics arrive in Sons of the Forest

The latest update for Sons of the Forest is now available, introducing new items and improvements.

Sons of the Forest is continually evolving. The game has just received another update that focuses on bug fixes and various gameplay enhancements. Additional content has not been left out, and as a result, Endnight Games has once again earned the appreciation of its players.

Sons of the Forest - what the new update brings

What probably interests the majority of the game's fans is the additional content. Although there isn't much, it's almost entirely interesting additions - like the transport method showcased in the video above.

  • An electric unicycle has been added, allowing for faster exploration of the game world.
  • Night vision goggles have been introduced.
  • Players can now build a new trap.
  • Photovoltaic panels, light bulbs, and wires have been implemented.
  • The mannequin has been replaced with a functional armor stand.
  • A save game deletion feature has been added.
  • Players can now destroy cannibal towers and huts.
  • Kelvin can now collect arrows for the bow.
  • Cannibals now more easily evade strong attacks and flee greater distances when frightened.
  • Added sound of cannibals slamming clubs into the ground.

There are many more changes and improvements. If you're interested in them, you can find them here.

Photovoltaics Sons of the Forest

Players are satisfied and want more

Looking at the comments under the list of changes introduced by the update, it's clear that players are happy and still sending their own ideas to the developers for what should be included in future updates.

At the time of writing this article, the game's main menu displays information that the next update for Sons of the Forest will arrive in 13 days and 17 hours, so we can expect it on April 21st.

You can download Sons Of The Forest here.

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