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The First Descendant

The First Descendant
  • 100
  • Release date:
    August 2023
  • Game Genre:
    Action, TPP, science fiction, play for free, RPG elements, network, co-op, shooters, Role-playing shooter, Find Your Next Game, looter shooter
  • Developer:
  • Platform:
  • Languages:
    English, French, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean
  • Dubbing/Audio:

The First Descendant - The Ultimate Galactic Adventure.

In the realm of virtual entertainment, where pulsating action meets infinite cosmic space, a game called The First Descendant was born. This blockbuster production, designed by the South Korean studio Nexon, transports players deep into a futuristic universe, full of dangers and exciting challenges.


Thrust into the heart of the Ingris continent, players assume the role of the titular Descendants - heroes who are the last hope of humanity in the face of a deadly threat from space invaders. Fulfilling missions, they travel through diverse landscapes, from futuristic metropolises to dense forests and snow-capped mountain peaks.

Game Mechanics

The First Descendant is an engaging third-person looter shooter that offers exciting and dynamic gameplay. The key to success lies in skillful weapon selection, juggling the hero's abilities, as well as using various gadgets, such as a grappling hook, which significantly increases our mobility on the battlefield.


Although the game allows for solo play, real emotions begin in cooperative mode for up to 4 people. Cooperation with the team is the key to defeating giant bosses and surviving in the highly demanding game world.

Graphics and Technology

Using Unreal Engine 5 technology, The First Descendant showcases high-quality graphics, providing realistic and impressive visual experiences. Realistic environments and special effects create a unique atmosphere where reality and science fiction coexist in one place.


The First Descendant is a game that effectively combines science fiction with action and strategy. The gaming experience is intense, and the complexity of the plot and game mechanics provide endless entertainment. The free-to-play model with microtransactions makes the game accessible to everyone, giving a chance for unforgettable adventures in cosmic space.

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System Requirements

The First Descendant (2023)

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