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Category: Blog | Date: 09-06-2023

PayDay 2 For Free on Epic Games Store: Don't Miss Out

PayDay 2 for free

Epic Games Store, a widely popular digital store, is offering gamers the opportunity to download one of the most renowned and valued games on the market - PayDay 2 - for free, as part of its latest promotion.

What is PayDay 2?

PayDay 2, created by Overkill Software, is a captivating action game where players take on the role of a criminal gang specializing in bank robberies. The game offers intense action, a dynamic plot, and many strategic elements that will surely interest both fans of action games and those looking for something more than a simple shooter.

How to claim the game for free?

To take advantage of this promotion, simply log into your Epic Games Store account, go to the store, and then add PayDay 2 to your cart. You will then see that the price of the game is zero dollars. After clicking the "Order" button, the game will be added to your game library and will be yours forever. Go HERE to pick up the game.

Duration of the promotion

Epic Games Store often offers such promotions, but they are always time-limited. In the case of PayDay 2, the promotion began on June 8, 2023, at 5 PM and will last until June 15, 2023, also until 5 PM.


If you're a fan of action games, or just want to expand your library with another title, don't miss out on the opportunity offered by the Epic Games Store. Remember, the promotion ends on June 15 at 5 PM. Log into your Epic Games Store account today and enjoy the incredible action offered by PayDay 2, without spending a dime!

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