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Category: Blog | Date: 14-07-2023

Grab Train Valley 2 for Free on the Epic Games Store

Train Valley 2 for free

Hop on the free ride - Train Valley 2 on the Epic Games Store!

We are pleased to inform you that Train Valley 2, the popular strategy-economic game from indie studio Flazm, is now available for free on the Epic Games Store platform.

About the Game

Train Valley 2 is a worthy successor to its popular predecessor, offering players a range of challenges associated with managing a railway network. The game combines strategy with elements of tycoon, where players start by building small, local lines, and then gradually expand their network, earn money, and fulfill various tasks to create a real railway empire.

With over 50 unique levels, beautifully executed graphics, and a rich soundtrack, Train Valley 2 offers players plenty of engaging and satisfying challenges.

Epic Games' Free Offer

The Train Valley 2 offer is part of the weekly program by Epic Games, offering players free games. This is a fantastic opportunity for fans of strategy and economic games to add this game to their library for free. But don't delay, the offer is time-limited! Claim your game HERE.

Last Chance to Download Train Valley 2

Remember that this unique offer is only available until July 20th, 5:00 PM. Don't miss the opportunity to grab Train Valley 2 - jump onto the Epic Games platform and add it to your library today! Regularly check the Epic Games Store to not miss the next fantastic offers!

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