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Incursion Red River

Incursion Red River
  • 100
  • Release date:
    10 April 2024
  • Game Genre:
    Action, FPP, tactical, FPS, online, indie games, co-op, shooters
  • Developer:
    Games of Tomorrow
  • Platform:
  • Languages:
  • Dubbing/Audio:
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Incursion Red River: A Tactical Extraction Shooter

Incursion Red River is a tactical cooperative extraction shooter that immerses players in a de-stabilized, war-torn Vietnam. Developed by Games of Tomorrow, this game emphasizes cooperative play, strategic planning, and intense first-person action as players take on the role of mercenaries working for private military organizations (PMCs).

Setting and Storyline

Incursion Red River transports players to an alternate reality where Vietnam, after the fall of the Soviet Union, becomes a battleground for Chinese and American interests. The country's collapse leads to a chaotic warzone filled with various militias and PMCs. As mercenaries, players are not there to restore order but to profit amidst the turmoil.

Gameplay Mechanics

First-Person Perspective: The game is played from a first-person perspective (FPP), offering an immersive experience where players can use a variety of weapons to complete their missions.

Mission-Based Structure: Players undertake missions for different PMCs, each with its own set of objectives. Missions involve combating AI-controlled enemies and require players to reach evacuation points safely to succeed.

Combat Flexibility: Whether you prefer direct assaults with assault rifles, stealthy takedowns, or long-range engagements with sniper rifles, the game allows players to choose their combat style.

Weapon Customization: The game features a robust customization system, allowing players to modify their weapons with various attachments, including barrels, grips, stocks, sights, and magazines.

Player Hideout

Between missions, players return to their hideout, a central hub for all preparations. Here, players can:

  • Purchase New Equipment: Buy new weapons and gear to improve combat effectiveness.
  • Test Weapons: Use the firing range to test and fine-tune weapon configurations.
  • Interact with Other Players: Chat with other players, form squads, and accept new contracts.
  • Manage Inventory: View and organize equipment, sell items, and buy upgrades.

Game Modes

Singleplayer and Co-op: Incursion Red River can be played solo or with up to three friends in cooperative mode. Coordination and planning are essential for success in multiplayer, as each mission requires teamwork and strategy.

Technical Aspects

Powered by Unreal Engine: The game boasts impressive graphics and realistic physics, thanks to the Unreal Engine, which enhances the immersive experience.


Incursion Red River offers a unique blend of tactical FPS gameplay and cooperative strategy set in an alternate version of Vietnam. With its focus on weapon customization, varied combat approaches, and mission-based progression, it provides a compelling experience for fans of tactical shooters. Whether playing solo or with friends, players must navigate a complex web of alliances and conflicts to succeed in this war-torn world.

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System Requirements

Incursion Red River (2024), 19.74GB

Version: v1.0.14.0 + OnLine

Size after unpacking: 35.3GB

1. Extract files.
2. Play the game. If you like this game, BUY IT!

How to Play Online

1) Start Steam ,  go to your profile.
2) Run the game through Test_C.exe, which is in the game folder.
3) In-game -> Joining : Accept an invitation from a friend.
    Hosting : Enter Hideout -> Interacting with the terminal -> Create Party -> + -> We invite friends and wait for them to join.
4) Play & Enjoy !

Modes: MultiPlayer ❌  |  Co-oP

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Processor: Intel Core i5-7600K / AMD Ryzen 5 1600
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060
Disk space: 35 GB available space
Operating system: Windows 10 (64bit)
DirectX: Version 12
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-9600K / AMD Ryzen 5 3600
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 / AMD RX 5700 XT
Disk space: 35 GB available space
Operating system: Windows 10 (64bit)
DirectX: Version 12

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  1. Kim
    Sunday at 19:23

    Does it have offline mode?

    1. Thor
      Monday at 15:22
      1 313

      Yes you can play offline.