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Napoleon: Total War - Imperial Edition

Napoleon: Total War - Imperial Edition
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  • Release date:
    23 February 2010
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    Strategy, RTS, turn-based, Napoleonic era, multiplayer, war strategy
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  • Languages:
    English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Czech, Polish
  • Dubbing/Audio:
    English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish
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    not necessary
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Napoleon: Total War is the sixth installment in one of the world's most recognized turn-based strategy/RTS series - Total War. The producer of the game, as with all previous parts, is Creative Assembly. Studio besides strategy series created also Stormrise and Viking: Battle for Assgard.

This time the action of the game takes us back to the Napoleonic era, in the middle of the storm that is sweeping through the 19th century Europe. Napoleon: Total War is divided into three campaigns: Italian (1796 - 1797), Egyptian (1798 - 1800) and European (1805 - 1812). The gameplay starts with the campaign in northern Italy and from that moment we go through the successive phases - first the growth of the French republic until the decline of the empire. We have a chance to play as Napoleon Bonaparte himself or as one of the leaders of anti-Napoleonic coalition which included Russia, Austria, Prussia and England. Starting the game as General Napoleon Bonaparte, we travel through Italy and Egypt, guiding the fate of the fearless leader to reach the invasion led by the French Emperor to Moscow. We get a chance to face the problems he faced and understand the decisions he had to make to win. The game also allows us to participate in several historical battles, including the clashes at Austerlitz, Ligny, Borodino, Waterloo, Lodi, Arcole, the Battle of the Pyramids or Trafalgar.

Napoleon: Total War is not as revolutionary as Empire, but it has all the proven solutions included in it. We are talking about the ability to fight battles both on land and at sea in a full 3D view, detailed maps of each campaign and extended diplomatic mechanisms. The game also offers a number of new solutions that make the game more attractive. Diplomatic options have been significantly expanded. We can now make demands on other nations and demand that they break alliances, declare war or introduce embargoes. We have also added a system of feeding our troops. When we force our troops to march through heavy terrain, the soldiers start to starve to death. In extreme cases we can lose an entire army this way. The key role is now played by spies, who not only gather information about enemy armies, but can also sabotage and delay their march. Generals have also taken on a new importance in battles, as they can also cheer on soldiers or gather them into punitive squads when they try to flee the battlefield.

The artificial intelligence in every aspect of the game has also been significantly improved. During campaigns, the computer-controlled nations behave much more logically. During battles, defeating enemies causes more problems than in Empire, and our units react to orders much faster and more efficiently. Sea battles have been enriched with ship repairs during the battle itself. In total, 322 unique units and more technically advanced weaponry were put at the players' disposal.

The main character has been thrown into the vortex of battle - as Napoleon always took an active part in battle, also in the game commanding among the ranks of his soldiers raises their morale. Particularly interesting and valuable is the reward received for accomplishing important things faster than Napoleon actually did.

Graphically, progress has been made since Empire: Total War. The buildings on the battlefield have been improved, the environment and such details as various balloons and clouds have been very accurately reproduced. The manufacturer has also made an effort to provide a lot more different faces of soldiers than in previous parts. Seasons and weather change, which has its impact on the course of battles, e.g. rain has a negative effect on gunpowder. The whole thing is rendered very realistically.

Multiplayer mode in Napoleon: Total War guarantees full functionality - achievements on Steam, gameplay bonuses or uniform editor are available here as well. During the competition there is voice communication and the possibility to play any battle in the campaign mode with a live player who will lead enemy units into battle.

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Napoleon: Total War - Imperial Edition (2010), 11.57GB
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Updated to version 1.3.0

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3. Install the game.
4. ElAmigos release, game is already cracked after installation.
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Included DLC: Peninsular Campaign, Coalition Battle Pack, Imperial Guard Pack, Heroes of the Napoleonic Wars.

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Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz
Graphics: 512 MB VRAM
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Disk space: 12 GB HDD
Operating system: Windows XP SP2/Vista

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  1. TheFriends11
    4 September 2022 17:37

    Thanks for the upload  grin 

  2. artemio
    29 November 2021 05:31

    hey the patch6.pack and the patch.7.pack dosent exists and in my case the game drop me a message that say this files ar misinng i need help for that pd:sorry for my bad english :(

    1. Thor
      29 November 2021 15:27

      Add an exception to the antivirus, or disable it during installation and add an exception to the folder with the game installed. Reinstall.

  3. dariusboni
    13 August 2021 15:31

    the connection drops

  4. hadri007
    20 November 2020 04:23