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Stardew Valley

Edit date: 30-04-2024, 15:15
Reason: Updated till 28.04.2024 (v1.6.8)

Stardew Valley
  • 80
  • Release date:
    26 February 2016
  • Game Genre:
    RPG, fantasy, sandbox, farm, 2D, top-down, cross-platform, indie games
  • Developer:
  • Release:
  • Platform:
  • Languages:
    English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese-Brazil, Turkish, Hungarian, Japanese, Chinese Traditional, Korean
  • Crack:
    Codex/Rune, FLT
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Stardew Valley is a sandbox RPG inspired by the extremely popular Harvest Moon farming series, known mainly from Nintendo's portable consoles. The game was created by Concerned Ape, an independent, one-man studio founded by Eric Barone. Production was initially created for PC, but its extraordinary success prompted the creator to prepare console and mobile versions of the game as well.


The plot of Stardew Valley tells the story of a young man, leading a typical life as an employee of a large corporation. In the past, he received a mysterious envelope from his grandfather, with a recommendation to open it only when he feels that his life has become monotonous and no longer gives him happiness. Deciding that this moment has just come, our protagonist opens it and finds out that he has received an inheritance from his grandfather in the form of a small farm located somewhere outside the city. Without thinking long, the man leaves his old life and boring job to face new challenges. Upon arriving at the place, however, it turns out that there is no idyll awaiting him, and the farm, badly deteriorated, is in fact a small house surrounded by a patch of land covered with thick bushes and weeds. The hero's task is to restore the farm to its former glory.


The general principles of gameplay in Stardew Valley are almost a carbon copy of the solutions known from the Harvest Moon series. The starting point here is an economic game, during which we deal mainly with the management and development of our farm. We start the whole game from restoring it to a usable state - digging up stones, cutting down trees and weeding out weeds. Then we start planting plants, watering them and harvesting crops, the income from which is our main source of income. With time we gain the ability to grow newer species of plants and even breed animals, and we can invest the earned money in developing the farm.

The above described realities of the classic economic game have been framed in Stardew Valley as a sanbox RPG. The title gives us a lot of room for manoeuvre, offering an incredible variety of activities and tasks, to which we can devote ourselves depending on our preferences. In addition to farming, our protagonist can, for example, go fishing, pay a visit to the nearby mine and look for useful resources, and even venture into the dungeons, where dangerous monsters and valuable treasures await him. All this is complemented by an advanced crafting module, typical for sandboxes, and a character development system, thanks to which we can improve various skills of our hero as we advance to subsequent levels.

Another important aspect of the game is integration with the local community. In the breaks from the field work, our farmer can go to the nearby town, take part in various events, as well as interact with encountered characters and accept tasks commissioned by them. Similarly to Harvest Moon, the game also offers the possibility to start a romance, and in the long run, to get married and raise children.


Stardew Valley is a game created initially only for single player. After the premiere of the title, however, the author didn't stop working on its development, introducing a number of new elements in later updates of the game, including the possibility of multiplayer game in co-op mode. It is worth noting that the multiplayer mode is absent on mobile platforms.

Technical issues

In terms of setting, Stardew Valley strongly refers to the first installments of the Harvest Moon series, offering simple 2D graphics in a top-down view, reminiscent of productions from the era of 16-bit consoles. Despite the apparent simplicity, the game offers an extremely complex model of gameplay, as well as a whole bunch of flavors and additional capabilities, which we discover gradually as the game progresses. The developer didn't forget about such details as the day and night cycle, dynamically changing seasons, and even the hero's fatigue system, thanks to which he loses energy as a result of "sleeping" at night or performing more demanding farm tasks.

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Stardew Valley (2016), 0.65GB
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Updated till 28.04.2024 (v1.6.8). 
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  1. Superbalado
    19 March 2024 20:00

    There is a new update, please update to version 1.6

    Thank you.

  2. MarjoAnge59
    15 February 2023 17:21

    🔴Live Stardew Valley Let's Play Stardew Valley est un jeu vidéo de type RPG dans lequel le joueur doit gérer la ferme de son grand-père décédé. Il a été développé par Eric Barone et édité par Chucklefish Games. Le jeu est sorti en février 2016 sur Windows, puis en décembre 2016 sur PlayStation 4 et Xbox One.

  3. TheFriends11
    17 April 2022 10:00

    Works pretty well. Thanks

  4. Kyrkex
    30 March 2022 09:00

    Tengo una versión mas ligera del juego, parece anterior a esta; me funciona bien en un minilaptop 1.1GHz, 2gb RAM, 750mb VRAM. Pero este que ofrece ELAMIGOS, no me ha funcionado, simplemente no abrió nunca. Tuve que instalar el anterior de nuevo :(  ... Me encantan los instaladores de ELAMIGOS, y los de CODEX también. Este juego es una maravilla, gracias por hacer el esfuerzo.

  5. MarjoAnge59
    27 March 2022 09:02

    Ecellent surtout quand on joue en coop je les fait jus qua 100% du jeu

  6. RaidGamer
    21 February 2022 16:41

    Un super petit rpg auquel ou j'ai passer de bon moment en coop avec ma femme merci :)

  7. Boss077
    10 December 2021 14:22

    Funciona Online ? 

    1. TheFriends11
      17 April 2022 10:02

      No lo sé realmente pero la mayoría de los juegos no funcionan online si no es que se compra el juego original

  8. Blaster_760
    26 October 2021 21:27

    Can you add Moonglow bay?

  9. MarjoAnge59
    14 July 2021 07:50

    Très bon jeu que j'ai terminer sauf le musée 

  10. Tr3xXd
    30 April 2021 00:21
    hello, I really wanted to be able to play steven universe unsleah the light updated in version 3.0, if one day you can put
    1. omicatlord
      30 April 2021 04:38
      you can ask elamigos dirrectly to make the release of the game in this email [email protected] 
  11. Xemarii
    23 December 2020 09:54
    Hola podrias actualizarlo a la ultima version de todas de la 1.5 ya que metieron un hotfix porque la primera versión que sacaron tiene un error y crash. Graciias
    1. ElAmigos
      24 December 2020 13:05
      Update added ;)
  12. Haykal18
    7 May 2020 22:01
    Thanks ElAmigos GBU!!
  13. Stalker
    30 November 2019 19:24
    Why the game its not running for me? 
  14. vitorll1
    29 November 2019 01:27
    Ei quando vcs conseguirem o crack do patrol duty pf coloquem eu amo esse sitee
  15. npalisso
    27 November 2019 02:25
    Hi, can you upload the 1.4 update? 
    1. ElAmigos
      28 November 2019 11:56
      Hello! Yes, if the official publisher ElAmigos adds an update ;)