Coming soon (05/01/2024), the price of the Premium account will be increased to 1.50 USD for new Premium users only. Active Patrons will maintain the old price.

Become a PREMIUM or ViP user!

With PREMIUM and ViP access, you'll get rid of persistent ads and gain access to .torrent downloads (Premium and Vip), and access to and premium hosting accounts (Vip).


Main Benefits

  • No Advertising
  • Editing your comments in 30min
  • Access to Torrent files

Cost 1 USD / Month


Main Benefits

  • No Advertising
  • Edit your comments without limit
  • Deleting your comments
  • Using active links in comments
  • Embedding video in comments
  • Access to Torrent files
  • Access to premium accounts and

Cost 5 USD / Month

*Now you can pay annually in Patreon.
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Other payment methods? Yes Cryptocurrencies

Write THOR a private message (click) with your transaction id. The account will be assigned within 24 hours.

You can deposit directly to the given cryptocurrency addresses. Prices you already know, the fee is a one-time fee for 1 month, possibly a year.

  • Bitcoin BTC: bc1q8r4g2amnjc0w6exwc4yaklp488mzcr0kt87hgm
  • Ethereum ETH: 0x3459db9eE4D7563c59F0F2D60BCF15733550f633
  • Dogecoin DOGE: DNAAn39BbXCGCWJtCrNvpJTz3gwMzW24Aq
  • Monero XMR: 44fMxVBApY2Usa4QViwL382Ws2csKnSRmL1rEU8wFydPasauDpd88iNhSi1uW96UJFckZbCwdyRrGhoUzc71yCJd9LCbb3i
  • Tron TRX: TG2gNRSpJxDqA1DEy9UA3W98Fx1uz7mB9z
  • USDT (TRC20/TRON): TG2gNRSpJxDqA1DEy9UA3W98Fx1uz7mB9z