Automobilista 2

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Automobilista 2
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    30 June 2020
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    Racing, vehicles, multiplayer, virtual reality, simulation elements
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    English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese-Brazil
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Automobilista 2 - The New Era of Racing Simulation


Automobilista 2 breaks away from the conventional standards of racing simulators, opening doors to a world filled with adrenaline-fueled challenges and unmatched realism. As a highly anticipated sequel, the game immerses players in the heart of the world's most thrilling races.

Pushing the Boundaries of Simulation

Unparalleled Realism

Automobilista 2 is a digital engineering masterpiece. The creators have leveraged cutting-edge technology to capture every aspect of a real race. From realistic tire modeling to dynamically changing track conditions and accurately reproduced race tracks from around the globe.

A Spectrum of Choices

Players have access to an extensive fleet of vehicles, ranging from classic Formula 1 cars to modern GT vehicles and exotic prototypes. Each vehicle offers a different story, challenge, and unique adrenaline rush.

Play Your Way

Game Modes

Automobilista 2 offers a variety of game modes, from career and single races to multiplayer. The game presents challenges for seasoned players while remaining accessible to newcomers.

Community and Evolution

The game boasts a thriving community that continually creates new content and supports each other. Additionally, the developers regularly update the game, adding new tracks, vehicles, and features.


Automobilista 2 is more than just a game. It's an experience that transcends the boundaries of the virtual world, thrusting players into the pulsating heart of racing. Are you ready to line up at the start and compete with the best? Automobilista 2 awaits to provide you with unforgettable experiences!

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System Requirements

Automobilista 2 (2020), 21.83GB
ElAmigos release, game is already cracked after installation (crack by Codex/Rune). 

Updated to version (25.11.2023).

Installation time with 16 threads CPU and SSD - 16 minutes. 
Credits to Razor12911.

1. Extract files.
2. Burn or mount the image.
3. Install the game.
4. ElAmigos release, game is already cracked after installation.
5. Play the game. If you like this game, BUY IT!

Automobilista 2 Download for free

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Included DLC: Historical Track Pack Part 2, Formula HiTech, Adrenaline Pack Part 1, Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Historical Track Pack Part 1, Supercars Pack Part 1, Brazilian Racing Legends Pack Part 1, Racin USA Part 3, Racin USA Part 2, Monza, Premium Expansion Packs, Racin USA, Racin USA Pack Part 1, Spa-Francorchamps Pack, Nurburgring Pack, Premium Track Pack, Silverstone Pack, Hockenheimring Pack, 2020-2021 Season Pass.


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Processor: Intel Core i5-3450 3.5 GHz / AMD FX-8350 4.0 GHz
Graphics: 2 GB GeForce GTX 680
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Disk space: 50 GB HDD
Operating system: Windows 7/10
Processor: Intel Core i7-8700K 3.7 GHz / AMD Ryzen 7 2700X 3.7 GHz
Graphics: 11 GB GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Disk space: 50 GB HDD
Operating system: Windows 10

If you have a problem with the installation:

Files are corrupted / Checksum error / Installer error? Install VC 2013 x64

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  1. darder
    22 April 2021 17:54
    Thank you so much for updating (04/17/2021), so fast =)
  2. darder
    5 April 2021 08:34
    Not only is spring in the yard, but in my soul too. Thanks for the promptness. V works. Hurrah. Thank you very much.
  3. mikhail21393
    28 March 2021 05:53

    Hey there! I installed Automobilista + Update and I am having problem starting the game.

    I am not running any Antivirus software not even Windows Defender and Automobilista without the update Runs but when I installed the update it's processing in the background but unfortunately I am not seeing anything on the screen.

    1. ElAmigos
      28 March 2021 12:25
      Try update your drivers - If it does not help, you need to look for a solution on the Internet. Or play without the latest update.
      1. mikhail21393
        28 March 2021 22:20
        Thank you for your suggestion I am on latest drivers 461.92 but I am gonna stay on
      2. mikhail21393
        2 April 2021 18:07
        Update: I redownloaded the patch from because something happened and the patch was corrupted during download, anyway this time it works like a charm and ignore my first post about the patch.


    2. darder
      5 April 2021 08:47
      Just wait. Maybe 2-10 minutes, depending on the computer.

  4. darder
    23 March 2021 15:59
    Esperando la v1.1.2.5. Gracias de antemano.

  5. darder
    20 March 2021 21:46
    Thank you. The update  v1.1.2.4 (15.03.2021) is working.

  6. Evasive
    11 March 2021 05:43
    wont open no matter what i do. reinstalled tryed opening as admin and nothing

    1. ElAmigos
      11 March 2021 09:52
      Maybe your antivirus blocked the crack? Add an exception and try again. Another option to update drivers.
  7. darder
    4 March 2021 15:53
    Thank you! Things are good.

  8. darder
    4 March 2021 13:48
    Where Updated to version (03/02/2021). Download TORRENT it's not there
    1. ElAmigos
      4 March 2021 13:59
      Clear cache and then try download
  9. Ferrarinews
    30 January 2021 22:53
    New update
  10. Ferrarinews
    27 January 2021 18:42
    No more updates for this game? V1.1.0.5
    1. Psycho
      27 January 2021 18:50
      yeah no new updates, (02.01.2021) is the latest version from EIAmigos for now....
  11. 1113
    24 January 2021 11:26
    Alguna forma de ponerlo en español?
  12. lopoz
    16 January 2021 13:47
    v1.1.04 and v1.1.0.5 released!

    V1.1.0.5 CHANGELOG

    Fixed bug that could lead to vehicles receiving draft from vehicles far behind them

    Fixed distance to screen value on triple screen setup

    Further driveline adjustments & fine tuning, fixing issues with clutch slipping in upshifts with some cars
    Adjusted default clutch setting for Stock cars, Montana, Camaro GT4R, Porsches
    Fixed bug with F-Retro wet tires breaking physics
    Fixed bug with F-Ultimate slicks breaking physics if driven on wet
    Adjusted default gear ratios for M1 Procar, Group A cars

    Further improvements to AI lateral weaving/abruptness of movement
    Added new improvements to AI behaviour when it predicts it´s going to run off the road (should reduce some causes of abrupt lateral movement / loss of control)
    Further general A performance callibration

    Caterham Academy: adjusted sounds, improved audio loops
    Copa Fusca: Fixed engine sound drop-off during gear shifts
    SprintRace: further improvements to audio loops
    M1 Procar: increased volume when driving in swingman view

    Spa: various fixes for lodding pop-ups, further optimization
    Velopark: Improved wall collisions; fixed some terrain gaps; improved shadows; adjusted tire stack height; adjusted 3D grass to fix instances of wall clipping; removed shadow casting & reflections from transparent face
    Interlagos Historic: Added startlights; removed shadow casting from transparent fences
    Oulton Park: Added missing track lights
    Curitiba: Adjusted HUD map zoom
    Curvelo: Adjusted render mesh to match updated physical noise

    Added community liveries: Copa Fusca - Fernando Goncalves #888 / Luiz Gonzaga #09 / Marcos Cruz #20 / Tom Emilsen #3422 / Troyan Donut #61 / Filomena Silva #00
    Caterham 360 Superlight - Allan Nenes #25 / Gasper Zupan #2
    Caterham 620R - Gyda Marvik #25 / Chris Shire #26
  13. Mdrvro
    9 January 2021 05:26
    Gracias. Hasta el momento es la mejor experiencia con volante. Estoy que me lo compro. Saludos
  14. forjado en la conquista
    6 January 2021 20:11
    Se puede actualizar sin perder la configuracion de alguna manera? Gracias.

    1. Mdrvro
      9 January 2021 05:28
      Cuando desinstalas la versión anterior te da a elegir si quieres borrar los datos guardados. Yo no borre los datos, instale de nuevo el juego mas actualizado y se me guardaron todas las configuraciones.
  15. lopoz
    1 January 2021 11:43
    Happy 2021! New version released with many changes!

    1. lopoz
      1 January 2021 11:43
      V1.0.6.2 -> V1.1.0.0 CHANGELOG


      - Added GT1 Series (featuring Mercedes CLK LM, Porsche 911 GT1, Mclaren F1 GTR LT)
      - Added Mclaren F1 LM to Street Cars series

      - Added Spa Francorchamps 2020 *Part of Spa-Francorchamps DLC Pack
      - Added Ibarra Reverse layout

      - Introduced track specific weather probability system for more realistic random weather
      - Random weather condition is now preserved if session is reset
      - Disabled "Real Weather" option (until system implementation is complete)
      - Added option to customize FFB gain per car
      - Adjusted netcode parameters for more reliable close racing and more accurate timing predictions
      - Adjusted default cockpit camera settings
      - Increased cockpit seat position storing from 20 to 100 vehicles.
      - Added live edit messages for vertical and longitudinal cockpit seat position
      - Added F-Ultimate & F-Reiza championship seasons

      UI & HUD
      - Added new main menu panel arts & backgrounds
      - Updated track loading screens & increased resolution to 4k
      - Added loading bar gradient & fixed position on ultrawide resolutions
      - Fixed monitor controls and back button positions on ultrawide resolutions
      - Update Control Assignments screens to include per vehicle FFB gain increase / decrease
      - VSync is now always enabled in Main Menu
      - Added tag (AI)/* to AI players in multiplayer
      - Added additional states to DRS HUD informing detection zone & availability
      - Vehicle default sorting reverted to alphabetical order
      - Corrected various vehicle naming inconsistencies
      - Fixed Velopark incorrect track grades
      1. lopoz
        1 January 2021 11:44
        - Revised tyre physics for street cars, F-Vintage (both gens), F-Retro, F-Classic (all gens), F-V12, F-V10 (both gens), F-Reiza, F-Ultimate, Copa Classic, Hot Cars, Lancer Cup, Puma P052, M1 Procar, Group A, Opala 1986
        - Revised rain tyres for GT3, GT4, P1, P2, P3, P4, F-Retro, Procar, Group A, Opala 1986 Copa Classic, Hot Cars, Lancer cup, Puma P052
        - Revised Ultima GTR, F-Retro, F-Classic (all gens), F-V12, F-Ultimate & F-Reiza aerodynamics
        - Adjusted logic for pre-race tire & brake pre-warming & tire pressure conditions (slightly under peak conditions for more realism & avoid unnatural tire inflation)
        - Reduced default number of clutches for several cars & further reduced rate of differential locking per clutch
        - Further revised F-Retros, F-Ultimate & Ginetta G58 suspension rates
        - Further adjusted exhaust parameters for all cars (results in more accurate visual & audible backfiring / spluttering)
        - Reduced max height to account before front wing / splitter stall in several cars
        - GT3 Series: Added 15kg to Mclaren 720S, subtracted 10kg from Mercedes AMG GT3, added 10 HP to Porsche GT3-R for improved BoP
        - Further revisions of FFB max force to iron out potential peak force inconsistencies
        - Small adjustments to center of gravity height in Opalas, F-Retros, F-Ultimate
        - Reduced Ginetta G55 engine inertia
        - Futher reduced differential preload baseline settings
        - Disabled viscous differential in street cars
        - Adjusted default roll bars, ride height & differential settings for F-Classic (all gens), F-V12, F-V10 Gen1 & 2
        - Adjusted default Differential settings for F-Retro, Stock Car 2020
        - Adjusted F-Ultimate ERS to not kick in until 75% of throttle is applied

        - Added preliminary new logic to improve AI overtaking lapped cars
        - Added new tolerance parameter for AI to not concede position to player until a given amount of the car length is alongside (prevents issue with AI cars appearing to be "scared" out of the way when approached from behind by player)
        - Slightly raised AI CoG height multiplier & adjusted AI damper rates to avoid cars bouncing at hard compression
        - AI callibration pass for all cars that received tyre physics and / or aero updates
        - Reduced range of lateral movement away from ideal line & rate of movement when taking urgent action
        - Created new AI paths for Nurburgring Nordschleife & 24h layouts (improved & more consistent performance)

        - Updated Sprint Race sounds
        - Adjusted tranny volume for GT3 cars to more balanced levels & more torque dependent; adjusted volume balancing; optimized number of samples used to minimise potential performance issues
      2. lopoz
        1 January 2021 11:44

        - Removed wave length in artificial road noise (slightly reduces car / camera vertical movement oscillations)
        - Temporarily removed animated Helicopters & planes until remaining functionality issues are addressed
        - Revised road mesh & reduced noise (high frequency bumps) for Curitiba, Kansai & Taruma
        - Updated Bathurst trackside camera
        - Velopark: Minor performance & art pass; updated AI with improved performanceUpdated Nurburgring 24h layout trackside cameras to reduce shimmering / trembling & added VR cams

        - Added BMW M6 GT3 dirt / damage effects + dangling damaged parts + new colliders + detached diffuser
        - Gol Copa Classic: Fixed LOD errors at longer distance
        - Mini Cooper UK: Fixed LODding issues with windows
        - Lancer Cup (R/RS): Added Dirt/Damage + detached bumpers (LODA/B/C) + dirt texture for wings (RS) + modeled inner panels (LODA/B/C) + new collision + dangling damaged partsdriver animations + Detached Gear Shifter
        - Fixed Mini cooper 1965 damage on lower LODs + Detached gear shifter (cpit) + detached bumpers on LOD C
        - Lotus 23: Fixed LOD D missing, added damage models on lod B/C, detached dangling parts on LodC, closed panel gaps on LOD A and Cockpit, removed unecessary damage models for tyres
        - MCR S2000: Added dirt/scratch textures
        - Added missing tail light for Sprint Race, Stock Car Cruze 2019 & Ultima GTR
        - Fixed LOD errors in cars with DRS wings which could make rear wings appear to flick open at certain distances
  16. Ferrarinews
    29 December 2020 21:29
    When Update????
  17. corpseflower
    26 December 2020 00:37
    hi all! how I can save my best lap time ?
  18. lopoz
    15 December 2020 11:53
    V1.0.6.2 CHANGELOG

    - Added Nurburgring Sprint Short layout
    - UI Server Browser: Disabled refresh button during cool-down period; Sort by player count descending is now default; Trimmed leading whitespace from lobby names; first item after refreshing/sorting list is now selected
    - Slow server list refresh rate and extend maximum timeout. Refresh now typically takes longer but reliably returns more servers to the UI browser page as a result.
    - Added support for car livery overrides
    - Fixed Stockcar 2020 Championship round 5 (Santa Cruz) missing rolling start and forced pitstop.
    - Revised tire tread physics for all cars (in progress)
    - Bumped steer lock range for all cars
    - Minor aero adjustments for F-Vintage, Copa Truck, Procar, Group A, Opala 86, F-Retro
    - F-Ultimate: raised baseline rear pressure
    - Increased speed tolerance to trigger jump start penalty
    - Revised FFB Max force for several cars for better consistency
    - Fixed asymetrical right front damper range in Procar
    - Revised suspension & bumpstop rates for Procar, Ginetta G58 (requires setup reset)
    - Minor weight distribution adjustment for Procar, Super V8
    - Improved AI performance at Ibarra
    - AI callibration pass (all classes)
    - Slightly increased AI roll torque stab & CoG height multiplier to minimise risk of AI cars rolling over high curbs
    - Adjusted AI code to help prevent small nose to tail bumps between AI during race starts and when drafting
    - AI now return to track in a safer manner after slipping or going off road
    - Further reductions in AI lateral jitter / weaving / abrupt moves
    - Slightly reduced bump amplitude of gravel / grass
    - Several audio balancing adjustments to GT3 & P1 cars volume levels (internal & external)
    - Nurburgring: Added missing wall at Breidscheid; minor art & performance pass; Completed VR cams for Nordschleife / 24H layouts
    - Fixed helicopters disappearing on some tracks
    - Slight tweaks to animated objects @ Brands Hatch & Bathurst
    - Bathurst: Slight improvements to night lights optimization; revised trackside cameras
    - F-Trainer: Fixed black external mirrors
    - BMW M3 E30 GroupA: Fixed windshield banner; Fixed rear wing texture error on car 02
  19. ultraman007
    6 December 2020 09:16
    Why update files cannot be extract with Winrar? pls Help?
    1. ElAmigos
      6 December 2020 10:19
      Probably they were not downloaded correctly. Download again and try to extract. Unless you want to extract the .iso file (it's impossible). We run the .iso file with Demon Tools. How to install link.
      1. ismetal
        6 December 2020 12:57
        o...i see. Thanks for replay.
  20. Ferrarinews
    28 November 2020 17:30
    Update OUT...
    1. lopoz
      2 December 2020 10:11
      0 is out!

      - Revised BMW M6 setup ranges & default settings (requires car setup reset to default)
      - Further GT3/GT4 brake revisions, also for Ultima Race, Super V8, Sigma P1, Lancer Cup cars
      - Reduced brake wear rate by 25% (both carbon and steel)
      - Slightly increased downshift protection function (less overreving allowed)
      - Improved GT3/GT4 AI launch on starts
      - Reduced GT3 AI rolling resistance to better match player´s straightline speed
      - Fixed Ginetta G55 Supercup ABS range
      - Nurburgring/Nordschleife: Terrain/roads material optimization, new armcos with new more detailed meshes, new armco graffiti, resolved flickering of armco graffiti; Further improvements to shimmering issues on TV cameras of Nordschleife / 24h layouts
      - Montreal: Various minor fixes, optimization & art revisions
      - Montreal Historic: Various minor fixes, optimization & art revisions
      - Silverstone: Fixed disappearing helicopter
      - BMW M6 GT3: Added Racelogic timing display and improved alcantara material in cockpit dash
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