Website rules

Annex No. 1 „Website rules”
§ 1
Before adding a new article, the User is obliged to read the current information on the correct way of adding news, available in the section F.A.Q and in the section "Information".

§ 2
The use of the Website takes place with respect for freedom of speech, as long as it does not violate the provisions of the Regulations, the Rules of Order and the provisions of applicable law.

§ 3
The Website prohibits the advertising of other services without agreeing with the Administration. This prohibition also applies to the contents of links to files (eg the name or password can not advertise another page). The ban does not apply to the server address itself. In particular, it is forbidden to add Reflink links, recommending other sites or accounts on other websites.

§ 4
The size of the picture added in the "Short article" displayed on the main page can not exceed 500px width and 730px height and size 555 kb. The maximum size of images in the "Full version of the article" can not exceed 500px width and 730px height and size 555 kb, however additional images (eg screenshots, etc.) are allowed, if they are placed as SPOILER and their size will not exceed 800px width and 600px high, their weight will not be greater than 640kb. It also prohibits adding any animated covers, additional pictures, graphics, etc. that just interferes with browsing the page.

§ 5
The pictures should be addressed from unsecured websites before being linked to other websites and should not have a transfer limit.

§ 6
It is forbidden to add images from sites that blocked hotlinking images on the Website pages. Publications with such pictures will be deleted.

§ 7
To the extent permitted by law, the Website may be used by Users to post reviews, descriptions, news, news and comments, and to conduct discussions regarding text and multimedia files as well as computer programs.

§ 8
News (posts) published by Users who do not have a particular rank, go to the waiting room, where they can be checked by the Moderator in terms of their appearance, aesthetics and technical parameters and if necessary, they can be corrected, edited or deleted. At the same time, there may be up to 5 user messages in the waiting room.

§ 9
The Administration does not check the Publication of Users (as well as links contained in them), in terms of their substantive value and their compliance with the provisions of the Regulations, Rules of Order and the provisions of applicable law.

§ 10
Each news should be published by the User in the appropriate category, consistent with the article being added or edited. Publications without indicating the category, as well as Publications indicating a category that does not correspond to the true nature of the publication, may be removed.

§ 11
Before adding any news, the User is obliged to make sure that he is on the site for the first time by using the "Search" option. If the news was already on the site, its links should be added to the existing news (in comments). If the given news is the author's release of the user, it can not be added again by a third party after, for example, deleting it.

§ 12
Repeated posting of Dubla topics may result in loss of rank, bans or deletions of the Account (subject to the requirements of point X.2 of the Regulations) with all news according to the "Kar table" placed in the menu of the website The correct publication should have at least one picture, a detailed description (with the release name if it is) and a link.

§ 13
It is forbidden to unnatural use of GREAT LETTERS and multiple punctuation to highlight the Publication. Such posts can be corrected or deleted by the Administration or Moderators.

§ 14
The User is obliged to supervise the aesthetics and grammar and spelling correctness of his Publication. Published statements should not be too long and should always be in accordance with the topic of the thread in which they were posted or to which they refer.

§ 15
The maximum font size for Users is "3", for groups such as Moderator, Uploader, the maximum size is "4", Administrators have no font size limit. News with too large a font for a given rank will be removed or corrected.

§ 16
Before adding a comment to the Publication, the User is obliged to read the content of the entire Publication and the content of all the comments already added.

§ 17
It is forbidden for Users to use (regardless of their rank) font in red. Using the font in red is the exclusive permission of the Administration.

§ 18
By publishing links to multimedia files, computer programs or any other materials whose authors are third parties on the Website, the User must be sure that the authors or other persons with the rights to these materials have agreed to post such links on the Website.

§ 19
In case of changing the date of the news (refresh), when editing it in the designated field, the User is obliged to give the reason for editing the "Reason for editing". Refreshing the news due to the addition of a new link is only allowed when a new link is added to the newsletter which previously was not yet on the Website. If the User links to the Website is added another mirror (link on another server).

Uploaders who significantly contributed to the promotion of the website after changing the domain have the right to conquer their news (change of date / time to the current one) without limits. If you feel that you need such a right, please contact your administrator for details.

In the news you can not turn off commenting and voting, this is the right only for Administrators and persons who will get such permission from the Administration. It is forbidden to use any bots on the site without administrative authorization.