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SWINE HD Remaster

Edit date: 6-01-2023, 15:28
Reason: Updated to version 1.6.1816 (25.03.2022)

SWINE HD Remaster
  • 80
  • Release date:
    23 May 2019
  • Game Genre:
    Strategy, science fiction, RTS, humorous, multiplayer, reeditions/remasters/remakes
  • Developer:
  • Release:
  • Platform:
  • Languages:
    English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Czech, Hungarian, Russian, Simplified Chinese
  • Dubbing/Audio:
    English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Czech, Hungarian, Russian
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  • Game size:

How would you feel if you are given an army of your own, and you have the permission to control it the way you want to? Sounds pretty cool no? Well, that is one of the reasons why video games are successful. They provide you with a stage, where you can handle all the stuff you want to. You can be the commander of a pirate ship in a game. You can be the pilot of the largest plane of the world. And you can even play the role of your favorite superhero. All these things can happen in a game, if not in the reality. One such experience is provided in the game called SWINE HD Remaster PC Game.

Why Are Strategy Game Famous?

One of the most popular category of games is the strategy games. These are the games where you have to accomplish a given target, using a specific set of resources. For example, if you are playing an army or battle strategy game, then you have the authority to command all the forces. And win over the enemy is the general objective.

These games are enjoyed a lot by the users as:

  • - They provide the user with a sense of leadership. Everyone wants to be the leader somehow, so it can be in a video game as well
  • - The have some of the most innovative and modern tools and techniques for us to use as the gamers, which does exist in the real life
  • - One can enjoy such games either against the artificial intelligence, or against the human friend 
  • - The storyline of such games is not fixed. It changes with every single decision of yours. That does not bore anyone

The New Tactic And Strategy Game

The game which we are talking about is the SWINE HD Remaster free. The game is one of the most advanced tactics games. You have to manage everything from the tanks, the war guns, and the artillery and destroy the enemy in his every form. 

  • - The game is viewed in a bird’s eye perspective and the user can zoom in and out anytime he or she feels like. 
  • - The controls of the game are pretty simple. One has to use the keyboard and the mouse to control the respected units. Drag and create a rectangle to select a number of units and then right click on the area where you want them to be or on an enemy unit you want them to attack.

The name of the game is an abbreviation itself. It stands for Strategic Warfare In a Nifty Environment. You can also rotate or place the camera as you like. On completing the missions and winning the wars, one gets points. There are different characters for you to control in the game. You can control the scouts, but they are only good for exploring the land and traversing through water. While, the tanks are good in attacking as well as being a line of defense. The game can also be downloaded from the internet by searching for SWINE HD Remaster download.

Download Game!



System Requirements

SWINE / S.W.I.N.E. HD Remaster (2019), 1.82GB
ElAmigos release, game is already cracked after installation (crack by Codex). 

Updated to version 1.6.1816 (25.03.2022). 
Change language in game options.

Included bonus content: Soundtrack (mp3), Artbook.

1. Extract files.
2. Burn or mount the image.
3. Install the game.
4. ElAmigos release, game is already cracked after installation.
5. Play the game. If you like this game, BUY IT!

SWINE / S.W.I.N.E. HD Remaster Download for free

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Included bonus content: Soundtrack (mp3), Artbook.

Processor: Intel Atom N270 1.6 GHz
Graphics: 128 MB GeForce 6600
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Disk space: 3 GB HDD
Operating system: Windows XP SP3
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz
Graphics: 256 MB GeForce 8600
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Disk space: 3 GB HDD
Operating system: Windows 7/10

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Before your comment If you have a problem with the installation:

#1 Files are corrupted / Checksum error / Install VC 2013 x64 - LINK1 and LINK2

#2 Add an exception in antivirus - preferably for the entire folder with the game.

#3 Update your graphics drivers.

#4 Adjust Virtual Memory - VIDEO

#5 Extracting error? Download the part where the error is again - you can use a different browser or downloader. Use Winrar or 7zip.

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  1. vinybellato
    4 August 2020 08:31
    can you upload nfs heat v2 codex or unkonown crack? thank u
    1. ElAmigos
      4 August 2020 08:36
      If it appears officially from ElAmigos - then I will add. ;)
      BTW. We have a version V2 / MULTi7
      1. vinybellato
        5 August 2020 04:16
        oh my mistake...thank you
  2. Cloud84
    31 July 2020 13:09
    Can you upload the latest v1.4.1731 update, please?
    1. ElAmigos
      31 July 2020 17:02
      Ready to download ;)
      1. Cloud84
        31 July 2020 17:59
        WooW, that was quick! I really appreciate your help! ;)