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Category: Blog | Date: 29-03-2023

Atlas Fallen developers decide to delay the release by three months to refine the game

At the beginning of the month, developers from Deck13 Studio announced the official release date of Atlas Fallen, which was supposed to reach players on May 16, 2023. However, less than two weeks later, after publishing a trailer with gameplay snippets, the developers unfortunately share unfavorable news - the game's debut has been postponed by three months.

Atlas Fallen pc 2023

Atlas Fallen will ultimately premiere in August 2023

In the latest post published on the game publisher's Twitter account, Focus Entertainment, the creators from Deck13 Studio thank fans for their enthusiastic reception of the recent promotional materials. In the same statement, however, they announce that the release date of Atlas Fallen has been moved from May 16 to August 10, 2023.

Explaining their decision, the developers clarify that they aim to deliver the highest quality version of their work, which requires a bit more time than initially anticipated.

Deck13 also promises that "at the beginning of the summer", they will provide more information about the development of Atlas Fallen to the eagerly waiting players. Although this is somewhat disappointing news on one hand, there is hope that the creators will indeed utilize the extra time to refine their project to the best possible extent.

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